Hey There!

It doesn't appear we've seen you here before. Welcome to IdeaSave! If you'd like more information about what our platform is all about, click here. You can also log in with Twitter to start exploring our advanced features!

Getting Started

The quickest way to archive your first Idea using IdeaSave is by copying and pasting a URL like https://twitter.com/IdeaSave/status/889416734955851778 into the Archive bar on the homepage and clicking the save button.
The easiest way to archive individual Ideas using IdeaSave on your Desktop is by using our bookmarklet: ideasave!

Simply drag the button up to your Bookmark bar, enlarge any relevant piece of content (i.e. https://twitter.com/IdeaSave/status/889416734955851778) and click the bookmarklet!
The final and most powerful solution to use IdeaSave on your Desktop is by using our Chrome Extension.

After you've installed the extension, you'll be able to save any Tweet while browsing Twitter without leaving the current window!

What Is This?

IdeaSave is the quickest and easiest way to save a piece of social content forever. Our goal is to allow conversations to be stored and referenced regardless of the ups and downs of services and users.
We're currently live with Twitter content and are quickly moving towards other platforms. Check back often for more information!